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Dieppe Raid 2002

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Croydon CTC after a welcome bar stop Award winners at Dieppe 2002 Lucien's grave. Lucien was responsible for starting the Dieppe Raid after inviting Neville Chanin to France for the Tour des Trois Vallees in 1972. Paul Coan (organiser of British visitors) with Jean Claude and Pascal (Le President) Signing in at the start Gathering at the ferry port Gresham CC enjoying a drink at a bar en route around the course. Michael & Mo Misspokes group outside the Town Hall Misspokes team Neville being presented with an award to celebrate 30 years of friendship between the french and British cyclists Event organisers: Paul Coan, Joel Feray (CC Dieppe), Dieppe town representative, Neville Chanin, Jean-Claude Martin (CC Dieppe)