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Equipe Eastbourne Rovers - Photos from 2010, 2011 and 2012

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6 Dieppe raiders (same people as 2012) at the refreshment stop in 2011.\nThanks again for organising the trip this year, and I am pleased that you are looking at ways of attracting more and younger riders for next year. Friendship Ride September 2010 - Richard Thomas with the French on Eastbourne Pier. 5 of the six Eastbourne Rovers who came on the Dieppe Raid 2012. Riders are Rob Rickson, Richard Thomas, Kevin Burton, Stu Greenway and Dave Cox. The photo was taken outside the Hotel les Galets (formerly the Touriste Hotel) in Dieppe on 5th July.\n\nNote from Richard Thomas -\nEquipe Eastbourne Rovers, all 6 of us, thoroughly enjoyed the Dieppe Raid weekend and Thomas’ Trusty Tours will once again be organising the trip for the Rovers in 2013.  Kevin Burton and I rode on the Saturday, and found the hills early on quite a challenge, as was the hill up to the Canadian Cemetery near the end!.  We got round in about 2hrs 35 mins.  Dave Cox started but decided the first steep hill was not to his liking, having just come back from surgery on his ankle.  On the Sunday, yes, the weather was so disappointing, but the 140km route was the best to date (well, since 2006, the first year we did the 140km, having done the 100km the year before,our first trip over).  Dave Cox and I did the whole 140km route but Kevin Burton and Rob Rickson decided the soaking we got just before the ravitaillement was enough for them, so they headed straight back to Dieppe and the launderette!  Mike Horner and Stu Greenway completed the 100km.  I took a group of 12 back to Dieppe on 3 July to see the stage 4 of the Tour at Quiberville on 4th.  We had a great time in the sun. Dave, Rob, Kevin and Richard at Bailly en Riviere revisting the 140km route on the 5th July, with Ian Landless of the Lewes Wanderers, who has done the Dieppe Raid in previous years.