Dieppe Raid Cycling
Organised annually since 1972


Entry Details for 24th - 27th June 2022

ENTRY TO EVENT (£6 per person)
Entries can now be accepted over the Internet using PayPal to secure your credit card payment. You do not need a PayPal account - you may just enter your credit/debit card details.

Choose a distance that suits you. Distances start from 30km and increase to 140. Thus, there are several different cycle routes available so there is sure to be a distance that meets your ability. Please be aware that the stated distances on the entry form are just approximate as the routes are not agreed by Dieppe CDC until shortly before the event. Once I have the details, they will be accessible from the News page. Should anyone wish to extend their distance, you are welcome to add in an extra loop to prevent disappointment; you would not need to advise the organisers. The whole weekend is very informal so this isn’t a problem.

Children under 5 have free entry to the event but need to be entered using the entry form as this will enable them to be considered for an award. Please omit their payment and advise this in the Additional Information box.


GROUP TRAVEL (Variable price - Dieppe Raid entrants are offered 20% off published prices)
DFDS have advised that ticket prices will increase as time goes on ... prices starting from £56. Following COVID, we all know that things can be subject to change. Please ensure that you meet all requirements for travel; things can change so quickly regarding vaccination status, testing, etc that this needs to remain your responsibility. A 20% discount group travel rate has been negotiated with DFDS for weekend crossings for 3-day to 4-day return tickets departing from Newhaven on the Friday or Saturday morning.

Any combination for the outward and return journeys are accepted. These tickets are for passengers cycling onto the ferry. If you wish to attend as a foot passenger then please book online or contact DFDS to book your ticket; you will need to embark via the coach provided for pedestrians. Should you have booked a group ticket to travel with your bike but subsequently be unable to bring your bike with you (e.g. injury), please contact the group reservation line to advise them of the change; this will save time on the morning of travel.

To make your reservation contact the DFDS booking office on 03 305 878 787 and quote Product code T20STREET2 (this referring to Transportation 20% Street).

Please note: This number connects to a french telephone line so you may hear the French ringing tone. All staff will be able to speak to you in English, if you wish.

If you would like to extend your visit then please consider whether the group travel ticket will meet your needs as they are non-transferable. There are generally no additional concessions for seniors using the group tickets. If you have any concerns, please follow this up with the Group Bookings team when you talk to them.

Payment needs to be made by card. Opening Hours (based on time in France):
Monday to Friday: 9am - 7pm Saturday: 9am - 5pm excluding Bank Holidays

The following reservations have been made ...
DateTime    Reserved    
Friday 24th June10:0080 places
Friday 24th June17:0080 places
Saturday 25th June 10:0080 places
Monday 27th June 11:00120 places
Monday 27th June 18:00120 places
Alternative suitable ferry crossings include Portsmouth - Le Havre (approx. 100km from Dieppe) from which, subject to ferry timetables, Dieppe can be reached by bicycle as well as car.

Additionally, Dover - Calais (approx. 200km from Dieppe) has an excellent motorway link. The cost of this crossing compares very favourably with Newhaven - Dieppe for those travelling by car. Many participants have used both of these crossings regularly with shared costs for a full vehicle.

Ideally you should aim to arrive in Dieppe no later than mid-afternoon on the Saturday as it will then be possible to get settled before attending the welcome gathering. The awards ceremony usually finishes by 6.30pm on the Sunday.
Many of the regulars have their favourite Hotels but we have reserved some B&B accommodation at the Hotel Windsor. To book, make direct contact with the hotel quoting "Weekend Cyclo".

Telephone: 0033 235 841523
Fax: 0033 235 847452
Email: Windsor@hotelwindsor.fr

Alternative accommodation can also be found on the DIEPPE website
MEAL (£32 per person)
The Casino has been booked for a group meal on the Sunday evening after the events; this venue can hold up to 180 diners. Should we exceed this number, which is unlikely as we generally have around 100 diners, the first people to reply and pay will be given priority. However, early booking is recommended as there is a deadline for booking the meal this year; this should help to prevent oversights. The meal must be booked and paid for 4 weeks prior to the event so no refunds will be possible after this time.

Meal reservation is available on the Entry Form. Thanks to the Sou’westers for volunteering to oversee this social evening.

This includes a 3-course meal, together with a welcome drink and wine. Please read the full details using the link below.
Important information for anyone attending the Sunday meal
WALK (£6 per person)
The walkers will be completing a walk of approx. 15 km. Walkers should wear appropriate footwear - preferably walking shoes or boots. Take a small backpack as you will be given food and drink at the start which you must carry. Ensure you have clothing suitable for the conditions.

PLEASE NOTE that walkers using the group ferry tickets will need to book as a cyclist but may use their ticket to travel as a foot passenger on the day. Foot passengers will need to board via with other foot passengers rather than with the cyclists who board with other vehicles.