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Meal Arrangements

New organisers in 2019 ...

The Sou'westers group have kindly offered to organise the meal for 2019. This is greatly appreciated. We are extremely grateful to the Sou'westers for taking over this role from Alex and Alan. They have advised the following regarding seating arrangements. Should you later decide that you do not wish to attend the meal, please contact us.

Group Seating

We will continue to try to seat clubs together as a group where this has been requested, within the constraints of the hotel's table plan, but we regret we cannot accept requests for a specific seat/location. Larger groups may be split across more than one table. The table plan will be finalised two weeks before the meal so anyone offered a last minute place because of cancellations must accept that they will be seated where the vacancy occurs.

Please indicate your preferences for the group you would like to sit with in the Additional Info box on your entry form. Please ensure you state the correct club name to prevent confusion.


The meal has traditionally started at 20:30 but, in response to feedback last year, we are planning to bring this forward to 20:00. Full details will be available when the menu details are published in the Spring.

Menu Choice

When the Entry Form is first posted on-line we will not know the menu options; these generally become available in the Spring. You are welcome to book your meal when you make your entry. Should you subsequently decide that neither menu suits you, your payment can be refunded - providing you notify us that you wish to cancel your meal before 1st May.