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Meal Arrangements

New since 2015 ...

In 2015 Alex Southern kindly took over the meal organisation from Michael & Mo Bedford. At this time, we introduced some new arrangements that are detailed below. We are extremely grateful for Alex's involvement in organising the meal.

Group Seating

We believe that the simplified seating arrangements helped to make the meal more sociable. In the past we attempted to seat clubs together. The size of some clubs made this a challenge and it was difficult to reorganise tables when diners dropped out so that all individuals feel included.

The aim is to provide an environment where diners can mingle more rather than sitting with people they already know. This has the additional benefit of being more flexible. We appreciate that people need to be able to sit with friends but groups are now smaller.

We request diners identify no more than 5 other people they would like to sit with. Alternatively, if you simply wish to sit with 5 other members of your club then you need to state which club you are in. Please indicate your preferences in the Additional Info box on your entry form. Please state all names your club is known by to save confusion.

Requests to sit in larger groups will still be considered but we would prefer these to be exceptions rather than the norm. It cannot be assumed that all members of the same club will be seated together.

Alex will do everything possible to meet your requests but please bear with us if any issues arise. The whole event is organised on a voluntary basis rather than a business venture. A more flexible seating plan makes it easier to make new friends and share stories of the day's events. We want to encourage a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and ensure that everybody feels included and has the best evening possible.

Menu Choice

When the Entry Form is first posted on-line we do not know the menu options as they generally become available in the spring. You are welcome to book your meal when you make your entry. Should you subsequently decide that neither menu suits you, your payment can be refunded - providing you notify us that you wish to cancel your meal before 1st April.