Dieppe Raid Cycling
Organised annually since 1972


Feedback from June 2019 Dieppe Raid

Hello everyone. Thank you all for your company on the wonderful weekend. Thanks to Caroline and Glen for all the organising.
Kevin and Judy Bannister (Hardley Runners)
Hi Caroline, Just returned from the trip to Dieppe. What a wonderful weekend. In particular, the 100K route was really excellent. Please pass on my thanks to the volunteers. See you next year
Nigel Davidson (Striders of Croydon)
Hi Caroline. Thanks again for a great weekend. All the Best
Paul Coan (Croydon CTC)
This year was such an amazing success! We all came home with big smiles. Thank you Caroline for all you do, and please pass on our thanks to the Dieppe cycling club for tons of work behind the scenes to make it work so well - we really appreciate it.
Simon Lambourn (Sou’westers)
Likewise, thankyou Caroline and the Dieppe Team for all your hard work. We (Southampton CTC - winner of the 3rd largest UK club!) hugely enjoyed the event. It was great!
Chris Devrell (Southampton CTC)
Great fun Caroline Street. Thank you. Want to go again. I did it this time without any help finding the route. I did it all by myself except for about about 2 or 3 km when I was chatting with a french group on the way so was just following them.
Ali Baker (Southampton CTC)
Hi Caroline. Thank you both for another great Dieppe Raid! I thought this year’s 100k route was particularly good and the prettiest we have done.
Nicky Musson
Hi Caroline, We the Southampton CTC got back yesterday evening back to UK. Thanks for the organisation of the Dieppe event. We had some rides and a few of us went up the costal ride which was very beautiful and the marvellous countryside up there. A bit hilly but we all enjoyed the coast ride. The Dieppe ride on Sunday was excellent and the route was much more scenic and saw the country side of the three valleys which again was beautiful.
Regards Sam Bhullar (Southampton CTC)
Another awesome ’Raid’ weekend many thanks Caroline & Co. See you next year.
William Coxwell (Evesham Wheelers)
Many thanks Caroline. Great ride and route. Could not have asked for better !
Rob Vaughan (Brussels Bikers)
Thanks Caroline, all of us from Southampton CTC had a great time - for many it was their first time at the event and I’m sure they’ll be back. This year’s 140km route was even better than last year.
Chris Tomkins (Southampton CTC)
Another great time I can only join in with the others in saying a great big thank you for the efforts in every area. Hope to see you next year
Geoff Gregory (Sou’westers)
A very big thank you, from Winchcombe CC. Fantastic weekend.
Jim Mason (Winchcombe CC)
Well done to everyone who was involved in organising such a fantastic event. Looking forward to 2020...
Eleanor Vaughan (Brussels Bikers)
Thanks Caroline all at WCC had a great weekend.
Paul Workman (Winchcombe CC)
Lovely to meet you Caroline! Thanks to you & everyone involved in putting together this wonderful event! Suzy & I thoroughly enjoyed it & meeting a heap of friendly, like minded people! We look forward to coming back & doing it again one day. We (& our trophy) just arrived back in Australia. If any of the crew get down this way, look us up. Take care. Cycle safe!
Nick Byron (Sunshine Coast CC - Queensland, Australia)
Thanks for a great weekend from everyone connected with the Bedwell Wheelers, We all had a fantastic weekend and looking forward to next year already. Special thanks to those who planned the excellent route and marked out the roads so well
Mike Lapworth (Bedwell Wheelers)
Such a great event! It all came together to provide one of the best years to date. We so love meeting up with old friends & new. Long may it continue.
Michael J Bedford (Radwell Stumblers)
Just wanted to say thankyou for all your work organising another great weekend. John Unwin and myself stayed on till Thursday and continued touring around and had a wonderful time visiting villages where he, Jock and I first went in the early 90s. Thanks again
David Belton (Audax)

Feedback from June 2018 Dieppe Raid

Thank you as always to you and everyone else who helped to make it another brilliant weekend. Thanks again for everything. I think we all still have a smile on our face after the lovely weekend.
Simon Lambourn (Souwesters)
Hello Caroline
First many thanks for another well organised Dieppe Raid Ride. Please find attached some photos from our leaving Tanhouse Farm in Surrey and our rides over the weekend
Geoff Gregory (Souwesters)
Thanks for another great weekend. Weather was spot on this year! Some of our pics...
CC Sudbury
Another great weekend of cycling in Dieppe and we even had time for an ice cream.
Angela Feaviour (South Bucks)
Thanks again for organising this event, everyone really enjoyed it and I’m already under pressure to arrange again for next year.
I find it difficult enough coping with a group of only 18, so I really appreciate how much effort it must be when you are dealing with several hundred. I’ve attached a Midlanders group photo which you may like to use on the website.
Mike Eades
Thank you Caroline Street and team for all your sterling efforts, Elizabeth and I had the most enjoyable weekend, and I can safely say so did the other members of the Evesham Wheelers. To next year!
William Coxwell (Evesham Wheelers)
I enjoyed my first visit to Dieppe and riding in France. Thank you Caroline for the organisation and to all who helped to make it run smoothly. Great to enjoy cycling on mostly traffic free roads. Great scenery and smooth roads. Good to meet up with Angela Feaviour, Hillary, the Evesham Wheelers and Tim and Anthea. They made me most welcome. The Dinner was great and the company. Will come again. Photos
Nick Bryant
Hi Caroline, Just come back from a lovely time in Dieppe. The weather was excellent and the scenery was stunning. The ferry crossing was so smooth and the Hotel Windsor did us proud. My only disappointment was that the 100K ride turned out to be just 50miles in total. The first half of the ride was really good with some lovely rides along country lanes. The 2nd half of the ride lacked a bit of imagination. We are not expecting the course to be exactly 100K but being so short was frustrating. Rest assured, I suspect I and many others will be back again next year.
Thanks for all you do with the organising.
Nigel Davidson
Look forward to seeing you again next year. Thanks for your comments. Dieppe CDC tend to vary the routes to take riders to different places (this route had previously been used in 2010). I need to alter the web site to say that distances are just approximate. A few riders contacted me prior to the event commenting about the shorter route for the 100km - I suggested adding in an extra loop to prevent disappointment. The whole weekend is very informal so this isn’t a problem.
Thanks again for organising the event. I think it ran as well as all the others have. Shame this year about lengthy check in for Sunday ride.
All the best Paul Coan
Thanks for the feedback. Michael Bedford and I are considering any suggestions that may help with this for next year He did say that a large number of British riders turned up to register from 8.30 onwards (me included). So maybe some extra advice in the Information Sheet would also be helpful.
We had a great time thank you and are planning on having a much bigger group next year. I believe the award that my son won was for the youngest to complete the 140km which was picked up by Trevor in our group. Unfortunately only 2 of team "Spin Happy" attended the awards ceremony.
All the best for now and well done for a very well organised event.
Andy Blyth (Spin Happy)
Thanks Andy. I'm pleased he was able to receive his trophy. Unfortunately there seemed to be less people attending both the Saturday reception and the awards presentation. Hopefully I can encourage more people to attend next year as it is the best way to show our appreciation of all the organisation carried out by Dieppe CDC. I know it is not always feasible to get there ... other group members are always welcome to come up to collect trophies on behalf of other entrants during the presentation.

Feedback from June 2017 Dieppe Raid

Caroline - many thanks for organising yet another fantastic weekend in Dieppe.
All nine of us had a brilliant time - we will be back!
A great weekend..
Jules, Russ and team (The Ant Hill Mob)

Thanks Caroline, again, for all your hard work and making the weekend most enjoyable. We managed, through our own lack of attention, to go wrong a few times so a 140k ride became at least a 150k ride. Pete Gibson (Hadleigh Velo)
Great weekend. Thanks for all your hard work
Angela Feaviour (South Bucks CTC)
Dear Caroline, Please accept a huge thankyou for another wonderful weekend of cycling, friendship and fun. We all had a wonderful time enjoying the Normandy countryside and hospitality.
I continue to be amazed by the amount of work that the CDC members put into the event, and I know a lot more work goes in behind the scenes to make it all run so smoothly, on both sides of the channel.
Please do pass on our thanks to all who helped to make it such a success.
All the best, Simon. (Sou’westers)
Good Evening Caroline,
We would like to take this opportunity to say how much we enjoyed our weekend in Dieppe and would ask you to convey our thanks to all those involved in organizing this event. We rode the 100k route on our tandem and have to say it was a great course - the best out of the three or four we have ridden in the past.
All in all a great weekend and on behalf of The Club very many thanks for all that you do Caroline - it is very much appreciated.
Best Wishes Pam & John Jenkins (Evesham & District Wheelers)
Thanks for everything. If you keep a database of victims, please include me for next year
Michael Frost
Just a quick note to thank you for organising another great weekend in Dieppe.
I have a question: to qualify for the club prizes, does the club have to be a registered cycling club?
Thanks again Kevin and Judy Bannister
No, the names used at the event are often just team names selected by a group of riders. Hence why there are some unusual names. If riding as a club and non-members are joining your group, even if they are choosing the walk option, they can be listed as part of the club if they wish.
I really enjoyed playing a small part in the event and meeting people. A lot of British people came up to thank me for translating, which I thought was very nice.
It’s a fabulous event and I loved every minute of it and would love to do it again (but doubt I can ask for the Monday off again!).
I can see why people go back year after year, it’s something very special.
Thank you for organising it.
Regards Jacqui Jacques (Aylesbury CUK)
It was lovely to meet you and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend. The rides on Sunday were very well organised and gave a great view of the Normandy coast and countryside. I was glad to help with the translations afterwards.
Regarding the dinner: I thought it was fine - exactly what I expected and the food was reasonably good. I was on a table with some interesting people and had an enjoyable evening.
I definitely plan to return next year if I can.
Best wishes, Mark Welford
Great weekend as virgin Dieppe Raiders - it was a long ride back to Le Havre on Monday after far too much Biere de france but the pain was worth the pleasure. Hoping to return next year with bigger contingency from Winchcombe CC. Thanks to all involved - we loved it
Paul Workman, George Parker & Gerard McHugh (Winchcombe CC)
Hi, very enjoyable weekend in dieppe on the 140k.
Neil Robinson (Audax sec Evesham Wheelers)
Thanks Caroline, again, for all your hard work and making the weekend most enjoyable. We managed, through our own lack of attention, to go wrong a few times so a 140k ride became at least a 150k ride.
Pete Gibson
Yes, thanks from me as well. Our inattention to detail meant we had full value from this year’s 140km ride
Andrew Hoppit (Sudbury CC)
Thank you so much for such a great weekend again Caroline. It was my 5th consecutive year and loved it just as much as the first time!
A wonderful 100k route on this year’s Dieppe Raid!
Julie Willis (South Bucks CTC)
Hello Caroline great work as always, just wondered if the 200km ride will be back on the menu.
William Coxwell

Feedback from June 2016 Dieppe Raid

Once again many thanks for a brilliant ride, challenging but not daft. Carol my wife a non-cyclist says she would like to go again next year.
Regards Richard & Carol (Evesham Wheelers)
We had a super time, thanks for all your organisation and the Cycling Club de Dieppe. Hopefully see you next year.
Phil Stayte (Evesham Wheelers)
I just wanted to write to say thank you very much for helping to organise the Raid Dieppe and being the contact person over in England.
It was a thoroughly enjoyable event, well planned and I was pleased to meet so many other keen cyclists. The French cycling club worked hard to make the event a success and I was really pleased with the food available at Saint Aubin le Cauf. Pieces of chocolate were definitely a bonus!
Kind regards Marie Davis
I really enjoyed the Dieppe Raid 100km ride this year. It was a great route with so little traffic. I had been before and hope to come again.
Best wishes, Pete Hutchinson (Evesham Wheelers)
It was so lovely and I was humbled by the efforts the French made to make us so very welcome in their country. Thanks for your part too, we had a lovely time even though my legs enjoyed a rest today
Jane Peasley
Wow - what an event!
Just wanted to drop a short email to say thank you to you (and for all who were involved) for organising this fantastic weekend. First time (and not the last) I have entered this event and all of us from the Medway Towns CTC and loved it.
Great route, great organisation, great food, great camaraderie and great friendships were cemented. What else can I say, but thank you once again
Martin Judd (Medway CTC))
Greetings, Caroline - I enjoyed this year’s Raid and noted that there was a call for British mountain bikers to come in 2017. I’d be happy to contact CDC to find out more information. Maybe we can whip up some enthusiasm.
Thanks Andy Bebbington (Croydon CTC)
(Note from Caroline - MTB-ers look out for more info on this site ... thanks Andy for offering to follow this up)
I would just like to thank you for all your hard work in organising the Dieppe event. It was my first visit and I found it very enjoyable. I hope to come again in the future.
With best wishes Pat Rawlins (Kent Velo Girls)
Just had a rave review of last weekend from one of my pals at Evesham Wheelers - can you let me have the dates for 2017 please?
Thanks Rob Gullen
(Note from Caroline - In 2017 the rides will be on 25th June)
Really well organised Caroline thanks for all of the hard work you put into it. I’m already looking forward to the 2017 edition
Andrew Hoppit (Sudbury CC)
Caroline and Club des Cyclotouristes Dieppois thank you on behalf of all the TeamBB riders for organising an excellent weekend again. Could have done without that strong wind on the last 25 miles though.
Thanks again. Alan Fretten (Team BB)
Many thanks to Caroline Street, the Dieppe Cycle Club, and French motorists for making the rides so enjoyable.
David Abrams (Stubbington Green Runners)
Once again a big thank you for another successful Dieppe Raid.
Bernie Oastler (1066 Cycle Club)
Many thanks Caroline Street, all the other helpers and the club in Dieppe for a great weekend.
Peter Robinson (Aylesbury CTC)
I’m just emailing to say thank you so much for all your efforts organising us U.K. riders for this event. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride it was a very enjoyable weekend.
Phil Cooper (Evesham Wheelers)
We had a fantastic weekend away with the Evesham Wheelers! Thank YOU
Fiona Layzell (Evesham Wheelers)
Thanks for a fantastic trip we really enjoyed it hopefully we will plan to repeat the experience
Toby Lant
Hello Caroline I just wanted to say thanks very much for a most enjoyable ride last Sunday. It was my first Dieppe Raid ride and I would very much like to make it again next year. I did the 140k ride and was impressed with the organisation and the support at the refreshment stops. The road signing was also good and the scenery was superb. Thanks to you for all your work and the support of the local cycle club.
Best wishes Jerry Thorne (Exeter Wheelers)
Brilliant weekend. J’aime les Francaise.
Duncan Pain (1066 Cycle Club)
Great event, again, Caroline. Thanks for all your hard work.
Pete Gibson (Hadleigh Velo)
Caroline, sorry did not see you over weekend but thanks for another great Dieppe event.
Angela Feaviour (South Bucks)
Another excellent raid Caroline! Thank you for all your work behind the scenes.
Ann Smyth
Dear Caroline
We just wanted to thank you and everyone else who made last weekend’s ride happen. We really did have a fantastic time, the ride was really well planned and we loved the whole weekend (first time we had attended).
We will definitely make it an annual family event. Thanks again and thank you to the CDC of Dieppe.
Best wishes Paula, Chris and Abigail Benson

Feedback from June 2014 Dieppe Raid

Thanks Caroline for another well organised event. A bit of confusion over who was picking up the trophy. Never mind there is always next year. By my maths it has to be sunny.
Nigel Marris (Fareham Wheelers)
My first time this year with TeamBB and it won’t be the last, really enjoyable weekend and a real pleasure riding the 200km route. Aren’t the French drivers courteous to cyclists too! Thank you to all the organisers and especially to the course markers.
Alan Fretten (Team BB)
A brilliant weekend, enjoyed every minute. Cycling, food, swim and most of all the company, thank you to everyone for making it so enjoyable.
Julie Bowden (Stubbington Green)
We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend as usual.
Ruth Owen (Little Missenden Mispokes)
Hi Caroline & Glen
Thanks for another smoothly run operation last weekend and the meal on Sunday.
Lots of new faces who all seemed to enjoy it.

The reception speeches etc on Saturday & Sunday seemed to proceed a little faster than usual which moved things along nicely.

See you next year. Paul Coan (Croydon CTC)
Just a thank you for organising a great weekend, both the ride and the grub, we enjoyed it. We’ll try not to make it so long before we see you again. Our regards to your friends, they were good company.
Andy & Sue Ward
Again a really good weekend, 100k route was great, a few more climbs this year, or am I not as fit as last year? Will try to encourage more Evesham Wheelers to come next year!
Adrian Main - Evesham Wheelers
Finally have some time since getting back from Dieppe to write and say thanks for a great weekend. The 140km route was really enjoyable and was capped by a beautifully sunny afternoon as we wended our way back along the seaside route. See you next year.
Pete Gibson (CC Sudbury)
Thank you for organising another great year. I have started to order the weather for next year ! Had a great time, good company despite the rain.
Colin Shefford (Team BB)
This is an opportunity to thank all those involved in the organisation - Caroline and Michael in particular - these things don’t just happen and need a lot of work.
Ian Whiteside (Forty Plus CC)
Thank you for all your hard work. Our group very much enjoyed the trip. No getting lost thanks to excellent route-marking. I hope you are now having a well-deserved rest.
Mandy Souter (Chiltern Society)
Dear Caroline, Hope you arrived home safely from Dieppe, the 100k ride on Sunday was a lovely one enjoyed it very much.
Best Wishes, Maureen Whitfield (Souwesters CTC)
Another great success! Thinking that we would be repeating last year’s route, it was lovely to cycle a completely different route, however some things remain the same, no shops open, no people walking around, but the French officials still stamping bits of paper!

But the scenery was wonderful and it was nice to chat to other riders indeed in the only bar we found open to meet a lady who lives less than a mile from myself and we had never met.

Last year there were 6 of us, this year 18 next year even more (hopefully!)

Due to cycling a bit on the Avenue Verte on last year’s ride, in May this year three intrepid cyclists cycled from Dieppe to Paris and part way back to Dieppe which was an excellent way of spending a few days

Thanks again for all your hard work in organising this weekend, we all appreciated your efforts
Mike Pullen & Chiltern Society
Hi Caroline,
All 10 Bedwellians have arrived safely back home and we all thank you for organizing us and the other British teams this year.
John Dunn (Bedwell Wheelers)

Feedback from June 2013 Dieppe Raid

Dear Caroline,

This is yet another belated thank you for a wonderful event. I know I said thanks at the closing ceremony but it needs to be repeated. Shirley and I had forgotten what a great place Dieppe is, not having paid a visit for many years. To be presented with a trophy was a real surprise and has created great interest amongst fellow members of the North East Essex section of the 40+ CC. It may encourage some of them to take part next year.

Thanks again to you and all the others who did so much to make it a great weekend.

Kind regards from Shirley and Clive Pougher
Caroline Thanks again for organising such an enjoyable weekend over in Dieppe. Our third one and we will be back again next year. This time we split into two groups with two of our hardened cyclists tackling the 200k route. The rest of us had been sampling the French hospitality until 3.30am. So for us it was the 60k route! Coffee stops were essential and the shorter distance gave us time to stop and admire the French countryside. It’s great having so many options available. We are working hard on a couple of friends to ride the 200k route next year.

We enjoyed the meal on the Sunday; great food as usual. On Monday we caught the train down to Rouen. Enough time for a quick tour of the city and lunch!

Regards Mead and Jules Dinwoodie (Naviguessors)

Thanks again for the work you and Glen put in to make our annual visit to Dieppe such an enjoyable event. We had three newcomers in our party and we all enjoyed the weekend. See you next year.

best wishes Patrick Fallon (Croydon CTC))
Fantastic weekend, really enjoyed it and thank you so much for all the organisation I know it must have been a real headache

Regards Marion and Edward (Central London CTC)
Hi Caroline,

Another successful Raid.

Mike Tasker and myself accompanied Stu Greenway so he couldn’t escape and he is well pleased at winning oldest rider in our group.

Thanks for the return of my wallet which was a little disconcerting when we had the message. Until then I had no idea. Also thanks to whoever found it.

Alan Symonds (Eastbourne Rovers CC)
Hi Caroline,

Just to say a big thank you to you and Glen for all your hard work. We thoroughly enjoyed it, as usual, as I’m sure did all the Sou’westers. You even laid on some good weather! And the Sunday dinner just rounded things off nicely.

Rob & Ruth Maskell (red tandem) (Souwesters CC)
Hi Caroline & Glen

Thanks for great weekend again particularly in view of new faces. Shame about ferry times and excrutiatingly long return check in. Saw Michel on way to terminal Monday afternoon and he was well pleased with the turnout.

May see you at Friendship ride.

Kind Regards Paul Coan (Croydon CTC)
The feedback was excellent and Mo & I thought that the meal was the best yet.

Michael & Mo Bedford (Radwell Wheelers)
Hi Caroline

On behalf of the Chiltern Society Group just a short note to say how much we enjoyed the weekend.The organisation at the start of the rides was slick and easy and the road markings were easy to follow (once you had realised that a previous ride marks were still visible); perhaps a different colour next year!

The countryside on my distance (140kms) was very interesting and varied, one of my many abiding memories will be the lack of people either in the gardens or walking around;it had been the same three weeks earlier in the Loire Valley. The countryside was quite different to the UK at times with long straight roads and also long hills but extremely good fun! The hotel evening was very good, not only was the food excellent it was interesting to talk to fellow cyclists, some of whom (most) had zoomed past us earlier in the day

The prize giving was an event that I had never witnessed before.

The ferry was the least popular part of the weekend partly due to the extreme time of queuing up to get on to the boat, compared with a few minutes at Dover, luckily it was a warm weekend and so it did not matter overmuch; but if it had been raining ....well that would have caused problems

However we will be back next year with, I suspect, more of our group to sample the delights of riding this very pretty part of France.

Thanks again for a wonderful event and all your effort in organising the event

Mike Pullen and the rest of the Group (Chiltern Society)

PS It was also very nice to chat with you during our return journey and hear of some of the work that you put into organising this great annual event
Dear Caroline,

Just to say a big thank you for such a well-organised cycling event, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I will definitely do it again. Yes, will certainly spread the word and I think it will only get bigger!

All the best, Julie Willis
Hi Caroline I just wanted to say thanks to you and your team for all the hard work you put in for this year’s event. This was my first one but my club; CC Sudbury, has done several over the years and keep coming back which is a testament to the ride. I enjoyed it immensely and hope to come back next year.

Best regards Pete Gibson (CC Sudbury)
Caroline - Just wanted to say a big thank you for bringing this event to my notice!

I had a fantastic time. I was so impressed by all the organisation, the routes and refreshments provided. The evening meal was fantastic too ( I fed this back to the hotel as well). I met such a lot of lovely people.

We stayed on till Wednesday, spending 2 days cycling and chilling around Dieppe. On the last night at the ferry port we met up with some fellow raiders which was lovely to catch up on their news and anecdotes too!!

I cycled 174 miles in the 3 days, and got a couple of swims in the sea - just brilliant!

Thank you so much again - I will definitely be looking to come next year, and will try to persuade a few more South Hants to come along too.

Best wishes Ann Smyth (South Hampshire CTC)
Dear Caroline,

Thank you for all your hard work and organising for the Dieppe cycling event. We enjoyed ourselves very much and plan to take part next year. I hope you are now having a well-deserved rest and stress-free cycling.

With best wishes, Miranda Souter from the Chiltern Society
Hello Caroline,

Just a brief note to say thanks for the very enjoyable Raid.

Best wishes Terry Lowe
Hello Caroline

Just returned from an extended trip. Yes a good event, well organised and a nice turn out. Oh! And I liked the climbs.

Best Wishes and Safe riding. Gerald le Marquand
Caroline - just a belated email to thank you for organising the Dieppe Trois Vallees; we all had a fabulous time last weekend. The (140km) route was excellent and the weather was kind too! Please can you also pass on my thanks and good wishes to the folk from Dieppe Cycling Club who made it such a great time. We’ll be back!

Many thanks Adrian Birchenough (North Cheshire Clarion)