Dieppe Raid Cycling
Organised annually since 1972


Alan Gray

13/3/1930 - 19/4/2009
Thanks go to Phil Griffin for the following account of Alan Gray ...

In the Surrey & Sussex section Al was known as "Mr Reliable". He always showed up on time, weather permitting. He didn't like to be late - much better to be early. Al made the most of his days and could always be counted on to join up for group events. These included cross-channel trips to Rouen and Dieppe. For Al one of the highlights of the Dieppe Raid was sitting in the middle of Dieppe's pedestrianised high street enjoying a glass of Pernod followed by "un autre" and another "autre"!

Originally from Wandsworth, Al was a mass start rider, member and co-founder of the Coronet CC. He road the coast to coast each year, Lands End to John O'Groats and as a member of the Buck Sheish Wheelers turned in a time for their annual time trial right up to this year. Besides cycling Al was a member of Carshalton Motor Cycle Club with whom he rode motor bike trials and an arena trial in which he broke his collar bone. He was a keen skier, held a Master's Certificate and enjoyed fresh water fishing.

Al had a keen sense of humour and was ready for a laugh at any opportunity including when he was the object of mirth. Some years ago, whilst skiing in the Alps, he collided with a concrete ski lift support pylon breaking his pelvis. As he was being carted off to an ambulance a young lady's voice called out "For you, Englishman, zur skiing iss over!" This meshed well with Al's own sense of humour and he chuckled about it several times.

Al has been knocked to the floor several times in recent years including the loss of one of his daughters, the loss of his wife Joan on tour in Mallorca, a heart bypass operation and a broken pelvis. Each time he picked himself up and bounced back into circulation. Last year his bike slipped from under him on black ice and he broke his hip. He was well on his way to recovery, had attended a training camp session in Mallorca in February and was riding his bicycle during his second season when his time ran out. Al's departure will leave a big void in the section and his presence will be missed by everyone.