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Neville Chanin - Cross Country Records

Note from Chris Harvey:

It is strange, but there must be runners that knew and ran against Neville that were aware of his interest in cycling, but understood very little of his years of commitment to the sport. I am sure that if the name Neville Chanin was brought up in athletic circles the main topic would be his prowess as an extremely talented cross-country runner. On the other side of the coin, the very opposite position would be taken by cyclists, plenty would have anecdotes of Neville’s exploits on two wheels, but would have little knowledge of his ability as a runner.

I have now received the information that I asked for from South London Harriers archivist. First of all I must point out that during the late 1950’s and early 60’s SLH was not only among the top cross-country running clubs in England, but they were also considered amongst the best in Europe. Their prowess at the forefront of English athletics is illustrated by the fact that in one year SLH won the Youth, Junior and Senior National Championships. Internationally, at least half the senior team represented England for international cross-country races, and / or ran for Great Britain in the track season. So just to win a Club Championship was a major feat.

1956 Neville was part of the scoring team that won the National Junior Cross-country Championship. (6 to run 4 to score)
1957 Neville was a member of the scoring team that took the National Senior Cross-country Championship. (9 to run 6 to score)
1958 Neville was in the scoring team to retain the National Senior Cross-country Championship. (9 to run 6 to score)
1959 and 1961 Neville’s ability and technique crossing plough, mud, ice or snow were absolutely superb, and coupled to his stamina that he most probably derived from cycling, earned him the South London Harriers 10 Mile ‘Thornton Cup’ Championship in both these years.