Dieppe Entry On-line

Dieppe Raid 2022
Terms & Conditions


1. The coordinator accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any accidents, injuries, loss or damage to property and possessions, howsoever caused. Entrants and their families attend and participate entirely at their own risk.
2. In the unlikely event of the Dieppe Raid being cancelled, the entry fee would be carried over to the following year.
3. The coordinator will not be held responsible for injury, illness or loss incurred from the event. If you have any health concerns or are uncertain whether you are fit to participate in the cycling or walking activities, please contact your GP before you enter.
4. Cyclists are responsible for equipping themselves with adequate lighting, spare inner tubes and bicycle tools suitable for their cycle; and be prepared to find the route using maps or other devices, should road markings be inadequate.
5. Entrants are responsible for organising their own travel and accommodation.
6. Entrants wishing to take participate in the Sunday group meal need to accept the details outlined in the Meal Arrangements.
7. By paying on-line via the on-line entry system an entrant is accepting all these Terms & Conditions. Signature of a printed entry form also confirms acceptance of these Terms & Conditions
8. Participants are advised that they should make their own travel arrangements and ensure they follow any Covid guidelines. As these change frequently, no guidelines will be provided on this site with regard to booking for travel or accommodation.
9. The organiser reserves the right to change these conditions at any time. Any changes will be notified via this website (www.dieppetour.com), so you are advised to check for updates.