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Meal Arrangements
Following a visit to Dieppe just before Christmas (2019!!), I can confirm that the Sunday meal has been booked at the Casino on the seafront at a price of £32 per person. They have a spacious room available for our use with wonderful views over the sea. The Hotel Windsor were no longer able to accommodate our group for the Sunday meal, though the Windsor Hotel remains available for overnight reservations and breakfast.

Full details are as follows:
    Circular tables seating 8 people per table
    Meal reservations must be finalised 4 weeks prior to the weekend
    Payment will be made in adviance so late cancellations cannot be refunded
    There is no specified dress code for the meal. However, should you wish to enter the casino following the meal, your passport and appropriate dress code would be necessary to permit admission.
    Up to 180 diners can be accommodated
    The meal will comprise: starter, main course and dessert. The meal includes some wine (a bottle shared between 3 diners), water and coffee
    Brian Greenwood (Sou'westers) will be organising menu selection; as usual, there will be a single menu choice for the main diners.
    Arrangements can be made for gluten free, vegetarian, etc so ensure you note any specific dietary needs in the Additional Information box when you enter.
The menu will be published on this page and social media once agreed.

Currently, people who owe money for the meal are being contacted. They may cancel their meal if they do not wish to pay the additional price; their money would be refunded in this instance.

The contract for the meal is more formal than previous years, though the Casino has been very flexible in offering us a satisfactory arrangement. However, should a strike, inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances prevent diners attending the meal, the meal payment would need to be claimed using your personal insurance. Additionally, the Casino require numbers to be confirmed a month prior to the event and an advance downpayment will be required at this time.

The Sou'westers, led by Brian Greenwood, have again kindly offered to organise the meal for 2022. This is greatly appreciated. In the meantime, it is important that you indicate seating preferences in the Additional Info box on your entry form, particularly if you wish to be seated with diners from another club/group, or are not part of a named group.

Group Seating

We will continue to try to seat clubs together as a group where this has been requested. Large groups will be split across several tables. The table plan will be finalised two weeks before the meal.

Please remember to indicate your preferences for the group you would like to sit with in the Additional Info box on your entry form. It is vital that you state your club name correctly on the entry form to prevent confusion with seating.